mercredi 16 septembre 2009

11 second club

Hi guys

This is a first pass for the september competition on the 11 second club. I still have to add and correct lot of things. Hope I will finish before the 30th.

6 commentaires:

Armando a dit…

This is really great. Your reel is also amazing!! Magnifique!!!

Sumi a dit…


j'pense que moi aussi j'vais y participer...

Anonyme a dit…

About your comment on the Illusionist.
It would look much better if you wouldn't have worked on it...hahaha.. Just kidding, man. You know me.

Read the comment on vimeo. Stay on the evil old woman, please don't cut and win the damn thing this month. You can do it. Oh and learn to flip much faster, there's no news about hurricanes in france...I'm beginning to wonder...Hhahahaha..
Talk to you soon.

Kristian a dit…

that is a beautiful thing. Its incredibly moving.

Arthur Gil Larsen a dit…

I really like how you simplified and roughed out that woman in the 2nd shot. Nice work! congrats on winning=D

Anonyme a dit…

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