vendredi 30 décembre 2011

11 second club - December 2011

Before I can post some line test of the last movie I worked on, here is an animation that I've just finished for the december's 11 second club contest.
Since 2D projects are more and more rare and unconfirmed, I decided to give a retry on 3D. My last 3D animation was during school and it was 5 years ago. Fortunately, some of my friends who are graduated from a 3D school helped me to remember how to use this shit call May... Thanks so much to Nassim LAAJAJ who helped me for all the technical stuff on the software and for his acting opinions, and thanks so much to Denis DUCHESNAY for the rendering, lighting, texturing and compositing of my scene.

Of course this animation doesn't reflect anything hidden deep in my subconscious ;)

Here is the playblast version.

Here is some light research made roughly with my mouse.

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Kristian a dit…

Absolutely incredible! well done